The intention of this assignment was that Happy Socks and The Ocean CleanUp worked together to bring a collection of socks with special prints on the market.
The learning objectives for this assignment were:

  • Do relevant research and translate this visually.
  • Make a distinctive design.
  • Make a brand manual in Dutch for Happy Socks.
  • Learn the controls the software package Adobe Illustrator..

The first step of the assignment was doing researching about what The Ocean CleanUp and Happy Socks stood for. On the site of The Ocean CleanUp I started looking for elements I could use in the pattern of the socks. The logo of this collaboration is mainly based on the vision of The Ocean CleanUp. A boat that collects the plastic waste that lies in the water. The logo shown above is the result.

At the bottom of the page you will find the different patterns that have been made for the socks, just like the advertisement and the label that belong to the assignment.





Pattern on socks


For this assignment I used the following skills

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