To get a good picture of me. I thought it would be nice if other people in a little bit tell me something about me. I have chosen 2 people who know me very well.
Below you will find the three stories.

Henk van Goch

Bas is a passionate student with clear goals. He may look a little uncertain but he is not. When things about how and what are clear for him he certainly is able to deliver beautiful things/products.

Of course, Bas still has a lot to learn, he is still young and still stands in front of the start line of his career. I think this can be a very nice career with the right training program.

He is stil looking for the right direction in terms of media or spatial design! At the moment, his preference is media design but in his work you can also see very clearly the affinity towards spatial design. 

Either he has a broad interest. a serious guy who has a waiting posture at the beginning but when he has found his ways he is a  very great person to work with.

teacher at SintLucas

Nicolien van der Keur

The development of a new website was the reason I was asked to write a bit about the owner of this site, the person ‘Bas van der Keur’. Bas is my nephew, so I am a bit biased, but this does not stop me from giving my sincere and honoust opinion. How he is as a person, what his motivations are to follow this directions of the education. What are his qualities.

Bas has a pleasant personality and people enjoy his company. Since he follows the training at St.Lucas in Boxtel you can see he becomes more self-confident. This has to do with his choice for this design-education. It suits him. Besides that, he is eager to learn and likes to be up front of new developments. 

His original and free way of thinking makes it possible from him to come up with special solutions, unfortunatly not always easy to accomplish, but I think that is just a matter of time. He is still a student after all. His own and sharp way of looking benefit when taking photos of different situations. Take a good look at his website and see for yourself. 

If you need someone in your company or for a job, do not hesitate to contact him, you have a trustful, creative and reliable person that does the job for you.

Mieke Langezaal

Bas  asked  me, his mother, to write a article about him. Bas is a creative, serious, reliable and enthusiastic person. And, what is also important, he has a bit of humor.

As a little boy he liked to play with his Lego and built, his own designs, houses, cars and tractors and he also made his own children’s magazine along with his nephew and aunt. At the age of seven he started playing the guitar. So actually proved when he was little he was already a creative person. When he was getting older he became very interested in photography.

It took a while before Bas knew which study he wanted to do. He has studied  one year at the HBA (Herman Brood Academy) in Utrecht and after the HBA he takes a year off. In that year he came to the conclusion that he wanted to study VPRM or photography. After much thinking he has chosen for the study VPRM (direction: media and space) at the SintLucas at Boxtel.

In the end, Bas is very happy with his choice of designer in combination with his passion for photography. I can only say that I am extremely proud of Bas. 

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